Monday, May 10, 2010

Caution: this will be scattered

You know it's summer when you can forget what day it is. It's a good feeling. =) And you know what else is a good feeling? This:

Only four classes, but still a nice accomplishment.


Today I went over to Jimmie's house to make him some baked goods with Shannon and his mom. Only, he got online so I talked to him while they baked. It was a nice system; for me, anyway. =) He is having a good time off the ship, which I thought he would, and it makes me feel much better about the situation. Now if only this deployment could be over...

Charleston was fun yesterday. Although I would never, never recommend going to Golden Corral on Mother's Day. I'm not a fan of crowds; I swear I'm claustrophobic. Apparently mothers don't like to cook on Mother's Day. Or go to church. As Crystal said very loudly (I am going to have fun with the strike-through, I can already tell) when she first walked in the restaurant, "What is with these Heathens? They should be in church!" It was kind of funny, but you probably had to be there. Or just know Crystal.

Anyway, I'm a horrible daughter and didn't take any pictures of my mommy. I took two pictures of Jack and that was it. Oh, well. I have the best mom in the world and I'm sure she is grateful I didn't bring out the camera.

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