Sunday, June 27, 2010

Retail is the best form of therapy

And probably cheaper than a shrink, too.

Let me just say, I never want to have kids, and my number one reason for not wanting them is because there is a good chance I will have a boy. My mom once told me she read that having a boy will take five years off your life and I fully believe it. With that said, we had mostly boys this week and they were awful! Of course I expected them to be boisterous and annoying, but I didn't expect for them to be downright rude and deliberately do something we told them not to. To their parents, yes, to us, no. I was definitely wrong.

It all started Tuesday with Parent's Night Out. There was just one group of boys who ruined it for everyone. They wouldn't sit still (and they were old enough to know better...or so I thought), talked so loud no one could hear the movie, and finally bounced their stupid rubber balls off the wall and made all the kids want to join in. It was chaos. And we didn't get a single tip!

The next days I thought would be better, but nope. Those same boys kept coming back and making everything a complete disaster. This is off topic, but whenever I used to go into a classroom, I always wondered why teachers just seem to dislike particular students and jump down their throats for the smallest thing. Now I understand! Sometimes it doesn't matter what attitude you have, those kids will always ruin your best of intentions and make life miserable. It's hard to start over and not dread seeing them after they've put you through so much. Anyway, I digress...

Besides running around like complete idiots, one boy spanked Shannon and then took our bag of candy that was for everyone. The whole time we were yelling at them to sit down, but once we would get one kid under control, another would sneak in and grab the candy. One little boy just ripped the bag open and started throwing it at random kids. Out of all the times to share!

Here are some pictures during the rare calm moments.

A few of the kids enjoying the Wii

This kid had a TON of Silly Bandz

Some of the boys wanted funny mustaches. It was as much fun for the girls doing the face painting

And my favorite picture! : Shannon hula hooping =)  

I was definitely looking forward to my shopping excursion with Katie by the time Saturday rolled around. Not only were we shopping, but we were finally getting Jimmyz Hibachi! We hadn't had it in forever since the owner of the store by me didn't pay his taxes and then took a hike. For those who don't know where it is, here is the link.

Shopping was definitely a success since I bought everything I needed and didn't spend all my money. =) Everything I bought was on sale, and I even turned down a Jessica Simpson purse that was on sale for $60. Seriously, I still can't believe I had that much will power. Look how cute it is!

But I did hit up the Victoria Secret and Express sale. I will spare you the pictures of my VS underwear, but this is the shirt I got from Express!

I think I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow now. And if that doesn't go over well, there is a VS on the way home from work. =)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love my job!

Really, I do. I'm not being sarcastic or anything! I wish I could make a living doing this for the rest of my life because it is so much fun. I'm starting to get used to waking up early (which is huge for me) and I look forward to going to work each morning.

I would call my first week a success. We had anywhere from 6-17 kids, which is good considering that most of the schools haven't let out for summer yet. I found my first shark's tooth (which is pathetic since I've lived here for 17 years now) and then I found five more throughout the week. Usually we end up giving them to the kids but I did manage to keep one. I'm a dork, I know. But here it is...

In addition to getting paid for walking on the beach, I also got paid to paint the back of my shirt and take an hour lunch break. There was also one day where we only had a group of five girls so we sat around the table and gossiped. They were making some kind of craft, though, so we were being productive! I'm really bummed that their week at the hotel is up because they were really cool. They gave Shannon and me silly bands so now we can be cool like them. I have a blue dog and a yellow owl so far. I'll have to see how many I can collect when the summer is over. But yes, besides spilling green paint on my new gym shoes, I would say this week has been pretty awesome. Here is one of the shirts I painted. It smeared a little. =(


We had a torrential downpour this week that left our road flooded. If it kept raining for another hour the rain would have made it into our house. The good news is that we needed it and it was sopped up in a matter of hours. The last time it flooded like this Mark got out his skim board.

Mark graduated from high school on Thursday and the grandparents came up for the night. The principal gave almost the exact same speech as she did at mine. Mark didn't look amused at all during the ceremony but I know he is really happy to be done with the place.