Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been a long time since I've updated. I guess I just haven't felt like it. I've done a good bit, but I just didn't take pictures of anything. I finished my last semester of school and now it's on to my internship.  I would be very excited about this, but all I really want to do is get married so I just want to fast forward to May already.
In December I found my wedding dress! My mom, Katie, Shannon, Laura, and I all took a trip to Florence to visit David's Bridal. I had a lot of fun with all my ladies.  We had lunch at Olive Garden and then we went to the appointment.  I tried on three dresses and I picked the very first dress I tried on. It took me around 20 minutes to find my dress and veil. My bridal consultant, Ashley, said I was the easiest bride she ever had. I'm not so sure Jimmie would agree. :)

After I chose my dress, I got to sit in it and watch the bridesmaids try their dresses on.  I originally picked a dress for them off the website months before we went to David's Bridal, and when I went back to print it out the night before we went, they had taken it off! I was so upset. The closest I could find was an online exclusive so I printed that off. When I showed them the picture, they said they had a dress similar like that, and they ended up bringing out the original dress I wanted all along! It was a good day. I have lots of pictures but I was in the dress I chose for most of them so I obviously can't post of them. I will post a picture of the one I didn't choose, though.
This is the dress I DIDN'T choose. Because eh. I really wasn't a fan of what it looked like from the waist down
This is the dress I chose for the girls to wear. It flatters all of their figures and they will look great! I am so excited! The color will be horizon to try and match the dress blues.

I had a reallly good time with Jimmie during his Christmas leave. It just always goes so fast. We were pretty lazy the whole time and didn't do much of anything, but that's how I liked it.  I didn't take a single picture of Christmas or New Year's for that matter.  I really should have taken New Year's pictures because we had a lot of fun.  We played Taboo and Charades. Typical night with the Holbrooks.  And also typical was the fact that the girls lost at everything.  Oh well, at least we will look the best at the wedding!


 This is so out of order, but here are some Marine Corps ball pictures from back in November (I am too lazy to copy and paste them in order now). It was in the same place as last year, they had the same thing to eat, and it was almost to the exact date of the one last year.  Jimmie was pretty disappointed in the ceremony and the fact that they couldn't get the commandant's message to play.  They were also slow as molasses with the food so we left and went to Apple Bee's. The service there was also slow as molasses and the food was equally as awful.  So far, I am not a fan of that place.  The hotel was the only good thing about the place. Anyway, here are some pictures we took before we left.

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